TVonComputer 1.0

All you need is an Internet connection to watch for free news, movies, sports
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Imagine enjoying baseball from New York, soccer from England, cooking shows from Italy, news from London, movies from Japan and much more!

Main Features:

-No Censorship – Networks and governments censor what you watch. Try watching the evening news on Iraq TV for example. You're in for a shock.
-Guaranteed 100% Legal - The signals are live and free already – TVonPC Pro just eliminates all the over-priced middlemen for you.
-Plug And Play Easy – If you can plug in your toaster, you can use this system.
-Crystal Clear Quality – You won't see the difference between the over-priced service you use now and TVonPC Pro.
-Global Coverage - This TV signal is streamed through your internet connection, so your TV goes wherever you go.
-Flexible Internet Connection Speed - Rigorously tested and proven to work on all types of Internet connections and speeds. Guaranteed.
-Watch TVonPC Pro on Your Big Screen TV – Connecting just a simple, standard video cable from your PC to your TV is all you need.
-Works On All PCs – Works on Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2K, XP, and Vista. (a Mac version is in the works)
-Local Channels – When traveling, you can stay up-to-date with your local news and sports. Or stay in touch with wherever you're from if you moved.

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